DottaVision™ develops and offers total security solutions which meet the professional market demand in security industry. Drawing on extensive experience and utilizing proven technological advances, our innovative systems deliver the high levels of performance, design and stability with the sophisticated and flexibility of security integration platform. DottaVision™ has created an extensive range of quality equipment that easily integrates in all aspects of CCTV to offer customers individual products or complete turnkey solutions to meet ever-changing market requirements. Our commitment to service excellence is one of our core competencies ensuring efficient after sales service with expert technical support and comprehensive product warranty.
DottaVision release of new DVR series
AHR series
Quadruplex Digital Video Recorder l H.264
NF series
Pentaplex Digital Video Recorder l H.264
AHR and NF series digital video recorders are designed in premium hardware platform for high performance and stability. It offers the latest real time and recording in the H.264 compression producing high video quality in smaller file size.
This modified video compression standard allows longer storage period of recording in comparing with other conventional digital video recorders. It also features with wide range of user friendly functions and management flexibilities. The high speed network performance enables viewing, control and management across a local or wide area network.